The mechanism of the Weekly Shonen Jump is now known. The most famous manga magazine in the world often brings out new series and cancels the previous ones. After the elimination of Phantom Seer, space was made for the new Kouji Miura project Blue box - Ao no Hako.

After last week's previews, Blue Box has officially arrived at Weekly Shonen Jump and MangaPlus, enabling all interested fans to read in different languages. But what is the first chapter about?

Taiki is a member of the badminton club and goes through the final stages of his eighth grade. After that, he will go to high school and continue to train in the same sport. In the same school Chinatsu is a prominent member of the basketball club and who attended the first high school. The two often meet in the shared gym, where all the institute's sports are practiced and where both middle and high school students come together.

Taiki is in love with the Senpai Chinatsu and decides to slowly take steps to conquer it. Unpredictably, things are going faster than expected as the senpai will get to know him, but most of all she will be staying at his home. Taiki then lives under the same roof as the senpai she loves. Will he be able to conquer her after this unexpected event?

Blue Box immediately fascinated the entire web despite its nature. The Manga Romance and Spokon have little impact on the public, but Kouji Miura's manga has become a trend on Twitter Japan in just a few hours, and it has received a strong response on Reddit thanks to its fascinating designs and characters, too than the usual. Romance from Weekly Shonen Jump. In the coming weeks, Taiki's story will continue and We'll know if Kouji Miura will be able to keep both the romantic and the sporty side fresh and fascinating at all times.

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