in the bleachingIchigo Kurosaki is the protagonist, but it's not just his strength that makes him a hero. Sure, he has a sharp paw and great strength, but he has a good heart and that makes him a true hero to his friends. The same goes for Uryu Ishida, his ally Quincy.

Uryu should be Ichigo's rival because Quincy and Soul Reaper are enemiesespecially after Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi kidnapped Uryo's grandfather to conduct experiments on him.

Our Quincy is a very cultured boy, he knows the history of the rivalry between the two factions well, but still Decides to ally with Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia, Orihime and Chad. Uryu is a very intelligent and protective boy who is ready to do anything to defend his teammates. We saw how he went out of his way to save Rukia and Orihime.

Quincy loosened up a lot with his father to regain his strength, but Ryuken's father wants him to cut ties with Ichigo and his friends. Uryu does not want to accept this absurd state of the father: Uryu has friends, and it does not matter whether they are humans or soul reapers.

Uryu is offered a place in the Quincy Wandenreich and should have sworn allegiance to Yhwach, the ruler of the Quincy. Uryu will decline this role to stand alongside his friendsand it will be Uryu who defeats Yhwach and shoots an arrow that allows Ichigo to deal the final blow.

What is Uryus Real Power? Probably the value he attaches to friendship and the importance it has for him. A feeling that pushes him to go against logic and hatred and to stay close to his companions until the end.

Bleach blows 20 candles and there will be an exhibition in 2021 to celebrate the series’s successes. While we wait, let's pamper our eyes with this incredible character of Renji Abarai.

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