The return of the anime from bleaching with the Millennial War adaptation is one of the most interesting news of 2022, and while the quality that has emerged from the trailers and promotional material has raised the community's expectations, here is a new official poster dedicated to the final, great, adventure by Ichigo Kurosaki and his companions.

In which Issue 44 of the Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha Publishing's premier magazine, the special illustration you can see at the bottom of the page has been included in the post shared by @WSJ_manga, an authoritative source on the industry. The poster represents Ichigo is ready to unleash his zanpakuto to face the threat posed by the Quincys and their creator, Your Majesty Yhawch, arguably the most powerful character in the series by Tite Kubo and the protagonist of the latest Millennial War trailer.

In the background there are many frames from as many episodes created by the artists of the Pierrot studio, as if to retrace and celebrate the entire production history of the anime Return 10 years after interruption. And what do you think of this homage to the Bleach anime? As usual, tell us in the comments section.

Finally remember Bleach: The Millennial War launches in Japan on October 10, 2022and we leave you to the fantastic illustration panel created by Pierrot's staff.

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