Rukia Kuchiki is one of the Key figures from Bleach. The girl not only transfers her powers from Shinigami to Ichigo Kurosaki and introduces him to the world of Soul Reapers, but is also the adoptive sister of Byakuya, the captain of Team 6. Despite their bond, the two were initially separated.

Before Ichigo's arrival, Rukia and Byakuya had a cold and distant relationship. We're reliving their relationship and the evolution they've seen over the course of Bleach.

Rukia had an older sister, Hisana, who she left to flee and settle in the Kuchiki family. In order to marry her, Byakuya was forced to break the rules of noble society, and when Hisana was on his deathbed a few years later, he promised to find his sister and adopt her. Respect the last will of his late wifeRukia has been adopted. However, Byakuya did not care about the girl, his only goal was to satisfy Hisana's wish.

Kaien Shiba, who viewed the girl as a better older brother than the adoptive brother, was to teach Rukia the true values โ€‹โ€‹of life. But the girl never asked too much of Byakuya, she just got it accepted its status quo and the duty associated with the name of the Kuchiki family. This was until Ichigo appeared.

Rukia was sentenced to death for her gesture, but Ichigo and her team rescued her and fought Byakuya to a standstill. Surprised by the intervention of friends of his adoptive sister, the husband he reassessed his principles to realize that loyalty and love transcend duty and tradition. Let's relive the five events that changed Bleach's Rukia forever. We uncover the hidden meaning of Bleach's Izuru Zanpakuto.

Since that day, The relationship between the two brothers has changed: Rukia had become Byakuya's pride and joy. Their closeness peaks when the girl opens her bankai. Byakuya not only helps her to control him, but he loudly praises her and lets her burst into tears of joy. Rukia had waited a moment all her life.

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