In the anime of Black clover The narrative arc begins in which the protagonists clash with the demons of the kingdom of swords. Yuno will soon be embroiled in battle among them. Let's go into more detail.

In the last few episodes of the animated version of Yuuki Tabata's manga, we had the opportunity to observe this renewed strength of characters after six months of training with Heart's Kingdom. After the various episodes, we saw how the appearance of Asta changed in Black Clover as well Yuno However, he appears to have gotten stronger, in fact his promotion to vice-captain of his team was confirmed. A difficult confrontation awaits him, however.

After learning the origins of Asta's rivals in association with the royal family who ruled the Kingdom of Swords in Black Clover, episode 160 of the anime ended with the attack of Zeno to the members of the Golden Dawn who, despite their strength, failed to counter the enemy. Thank you to some Preview images In the next part of the story, which is reported at the end of this message, we find out how Yuno You seem to be in trouble started after the challenge against the powerful opponent.

This important fight had already been announced by the opening, which also unveiled the new form of Noelle that the girl in Black Clover will soon show off.

What do you think? Do you look forward to seeing Yuno fight again? Let us know with a comment.

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