After defeating Lucifer, Asta believed he had reached his full potential. This error of judgment was fatal to Lucius Zogratis, who humiliated him by easily defeating him. Since then, the protagonist of Black clover however, it has made a huge leap forward.

During the mini story arc in the Land of the Sun Asta managed to conquer his inner demons. The insecurity that lurked in the depths of his heart was erased thanks to the teachings of Yosuga, the strongest of the Ryuzen. However, Asta has not only improved mentally, but also physically and in combat.

Headed by Shogun Ryuya Ryudo and his Seven RyuzenAsta perfectly and in a short time learned the Zetten, the peculiar technique of the warriors of the Land of the Sun. Thanks to these teachings, Asta was able to save Sister Lily from the control of Lucius Zogratis, and subsequently the five-headed dragon in Black Clover 352 .

Will Asta still have a chance to improve? The end of Chapter 352 of Black Clover suggests yes. After the partying and the hangover, Asta returns to the side of the Seven Ryuzen continue his education. In fact, the Black Bull's wizard cannot yet return to Clover and must wait for his companions to rescue him. He will therefore spend the three days before court training in the Land of the Sun and continue to hone his skills.

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