There is nothing worse for parents than knowing their child needs to be hospitalized. Yuki Tabata, the father of Black cloverwho recently recounted her experience a few weeks ago with her 3-year-old daughter.

In fact, a few days ago, Black Clover went on a sudden week-long hiatus after that The little girl from the Tabata family was hit by a very bad cold. Volume 33 of the manga reserved a small area where the sensei narrated the experience from back then that one can restore:

"While I was very busy, my daughter turned 3! I was surprised to see how tall a 3 year old is! They could barely blow my arms up while playing Anpanman (a character from a children's cartoon) for just a few rounds. Now my daughter always says to me "Dad!! Horse!" "And so every time I have to run here and there and get her galloping. The other day my daughter came down with a bad cold and was in the hospital for a week. I felt very lonely without her at home and almost cried when I saw her healthy in the saw the hospital. Well, I actually cried. Now she's home safe and sound and running everywhere. When I was contacted to be informed about the manga remake, both of us, including my wife, were screaming, 'Reload! Reload.' !", all accompanied by a dance. My little dog went crazy with all of this. Long lives the family!!!"

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