The Black Clover timeskip took the characters into a completely different narrative arc where, inevitably, they would have to face brand new and more dangerous enemies than the previous ones. Once the attack of the elves on the kingdom of Clover was filed, we left for theexploration of the rest of the world and other realms.

We have recently seen the fighting of the Dark Triad, the main enemies of this phase of Black Clover and that will keep the protagonists busy for a long time. Waiting for the final battle between the kingdom of Clover and the kingdom of Swords, let's see what i am powers of Dante, Vanica and Zenon.

The three are in possession of three demons: Lucifer, Megicula and another not yet mentioned who is in contact with Zenon. By harnessing the power of these beings, the trio can improve their physical and magical abilities to incredible levels and apparently without suffering any repercussions. There usable power per hour ranges from 50% to 80%, since in order to achieve greater empowerment, demons must be brought into the human world. This is precisely the purpose of the triad, so as to become invincible and exploit the demonic force 100%.

Furthermore, depending on the demon, you are also able to cursing humans and other people's spirits, as happened in Lolopechka and Undine with Vanica. Surely their powers will still be improved and will have aces up their sleeve to play before the protagonists of Black Clover can beat them definitively. However, as Yami has shown, they are not invincible.

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