With the anime series being canceled as of March 2021 and manga serialization continuing, the fandom of Black clover now has no magic. In order to restore the mana stocks, this time it is not a matter of a feast from Charmy, but of an artwork created by one of the animators of the Studio Pierrot adaptation.

On the occasion of Anime Expo 2022, theAnimator Itsuko Takeda shared a beautiful original illustration on his Twitter profile. This depicts the protagonist Asta congratulating the fans with his clenched fist as a sign of victory. Could this be a suggestion for future announcements?

As we know, Black Clover was paused for an extended period in April. This will come in handy for author Yuki Tabata to prepare forfinal storyline, which will lead the wizards of Clover to face the last mysterious demon left alive. The serialization of the manga is expected to continue by the end of the summer. As such, Chapter 332 is expected to arrive around September.

However, as far as the anime series is concerned, this will remain so for some time. Ahead of a new wave of episodes Studio Pierrot will release an anime film. The first trailer of Black Clover – Movie confirms the launch for 2023. A major advertising campaign, which will lead to key visuals and teasers, is scheduled to start in September in anticipation of the premiere in Japanese cinemas.

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