When Langris and Finral were also knocked out when defeat seemed just a step away, the true heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Swords has awakened. Now in possession of a second library, Yuno is ready to end the battle with his archenemy Zenon Zogratis. The final challenge begins in Black clover 309.

The most recent date with Yuki Tabata's work begins with Yuno immediately demonstrating his new, devastating potential. In a moment, his The magic of the stars tears Zeno apartwhich, however, regenerates itself in no time thanks to the power of Beelzebub.

After a minute of reflection, the Zogratis realizes what is happening. Yuno, now not only in possession of a four-leaf grimoire, but also one Kingdom of Swords Grimoire, is actually the son of Loyce and Ciel, the two rulers of the empire who were betrayed by the Dark Triad. The deputy commander of the Golden Dawn inherits the powers of his parents, who were in possession of the magic of the sun and moon, and comes into possession of the magic of the stars.

At this point, after Yuno advised Langris and Finral to seek a safe haven to heal the wounds suffered in battle, Yuno unites them Wind magic of the bell spirit to the magic of the stars from the grimoire of swords. The final fight is imminent, but both fighters are determined to win and to make it their reasons outweigh. Who will finally win?

We'll leave the spoilers for Black Clover 310 to you, in which one will take place Fight for true justice, and Megan Thee Stallion's love for Black Clover and the character of Asta.

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