Kentaro Miura's style is unmistakable. It is also thanks to those neat drawings that are detailed in each part, with that dark environment Berserk has become an absolute masterpiece. The death of Kentaro Miura therefore causes both human and artistic loss, since the new chapters cannot quite stand comparison.

The chapters designed by Studio Gaga can boast of good artistic quality, but obviously they can't keep up with the qualitative pace of one of the most renowned authors of recent years. Some fans have tried trying their hand at it Draw Berserkerthose who follow the classic Kentaro Miura style and those who have tried to revamp everything.

For example, fan Justin96636 posted an ukiyo-e style drawing of Berserk on Twitter. In practice they are there, as you can see in the image uploaded in the tweet below Gatsu and Griffith compete, but in classic Japanese style, which was used for the paintings of the past centuries. In a stark contrast between black and white, with the white hawk at the top and the black knight at the bottom, the two are ready to fight each other.

This is the same fight that we will find at the end of Berserk, probably in Falconia, the capital of the Griffith kingdom.

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