Chapter 364 of Berserk was the last drawn by Kentaro Miura. The mangaka sadly passed away in May 2021, leaving his most famous story incomplete, which fascinated the whole world and gave great luster to the dark fantasy genre. Unfortunately We'll never know how Gatsu's story will end and the other characters.

All that's left is to imagine in your own way the latest saga that would probably come after the Isle of Elves. although Berserk may have closed its official serializationthere are those who try to continue it in their own way, just trying to imagine a fitting conclusion to the epic story of Miura.

Among many, Theoberserker chose it Try your hand at the illustration of Berserker, Chapter 365 that would also have been the last in the story, at least according to the illustrator. According to the fan, who decided to condense everything into a single chapter, Caska would take part in the fight, which would also engage Zodd and the Knight of the Skull alongside Gatsu in a riot of attack, blood, and combat.

However, Gatsu would also have to face the deadly wrath of the Berserker's armor. Below are some excerpts from Theoberserks' Twitter page, which continues this story, which has now exceeded 20 pages. Another fan had instead imagined the final battle between Gatsu and Grifis.

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