With the return of the manga, Berserk has grown again. The death of Kentaro Miura did not stop the course of history, which, thanks to the joint efforts of the Hakusensha publishing house, the former assistants of Studio GAGA, who have now become full-fledged Sensei, and above all of Master Miura's best friendKoji Mori.

The sensei Koji Mori, who knows the whole story and has talked about it several times with Kentaro Miura, takes care of everything that needs to be done, leaving the task of drawing to the guys from Studio GAGA, while supervising and adding to everything he does tut knows about the sequel to Berserk. The manga, after several consecutive months of releasing multiple chapters, He stopped. The end of the saga of the island of elves has indeed marked an important milestone in the publication: the last chapter was presented to the readers in September 2022.

It is not known when Berserk 372 will arrive, but now an important novelty is on the horizon. Dragon Doratan, nickname of one of the most influential designers of Studio GAGA, has confirmed this to his followers and therefore to all manga fans Berserker is coming back. More specifically, some news can be expected in the near future. Considering that there has been complete silence about the work and its realization so far, the words of Dragon Doratan confirm that there has been no standstill in the realization of the next chapters and that another series of stories is expected to be published on Young Animal is published.

All that remains is to wait a few more weeks and understand what news will be programmed, but especially those Release date of Berserk 372.

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