Berserk: A young fan holds the giant dragon slayer, the video goes viral

The dark world of Berserk revolves around the protagonist Gatsu, a man born from a dead woman who was trained as a warrior. In the midst of a thousand dangers and impossible battles, Gatsu miraculously managed to escape the eclipse and equip himself with new utensils. Among them was the huge one Dragon slayer, a huge sword.

It was defined as a simple giant iron mass by its creator, but the dragon slayer has become one of the most well-known weapons in the world of anime and manga over time. managed by gutsWe'll probably see it again in Berserk chapter 361. However, a young fan decided to show us in time thanks to a beautiful video that then went viral.

On Reddit, in the sub dedicated Berserk, in a medieval fair with many representations of the fight with weapons and shields, One of the participants brings the giant dragon slayer with him. The video shows his attack in slow motion, which then explodes into a thundering clink the moment he squats with the enemy shield. Fortunately, the boy only brought a reduced version of the dragon slayer, since the real one would have been impossible to lift.

In the meantime, Berserk will take another break according to Chapter 361.

CLANG by r / Berserk

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