The last two releases of Weekly Shonen Champion, the Akita Shonen magazine in which it is serialized Beastarshave officially confirmed that the manga is nearing its climax, and consequently that The end is ours. Last January, the writer Paru Itagaki had confirmed that Beastars would end very soon.

The latest issue of the magazine also published the Chapter number 187 of the mangaand given the arrival of the climax, it is possible that the work will end shortly after the number 200 is distributed. Today is also the day of Volume 20, including chapters 170 through 178. A new volume is expected to appear between September and October 2020.

Beastars is therefore nearing graduation after just over 4 years of serialization, a period in which it a forgive Manga Taisho, a Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize and the Kodansha Award for Manga, proof of the author's incredible work.

We remind you that Beastars has also received an anime adaptation in 3DCG that was edited by the guys from Studio Orange and is currently available on Netflix, including Italian dubbing. A second season will be released in January 2021.

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