Azrael, the violent anti-hero who on one occasion even went so far as to replace Bruce Wayne as Batman, will star in a limited series called Sword of Azrael. As the story progresses, Azrael's alter ego, Jean-Paul Valley, will be forced to return as an anti-hero after a brief retirement.

The series Sword of Azrael will consist of six numbers Screenwriter Dan Watters and illustrator Nikola Čižmeőija. This is the same creative team behind the creation of the Sword of Azrael: Dark Knight of the Soul storyline published in Batman: Urban Legends #8-10which serves as the prologue to Azrael's solo limited series.

"The Warrior Angel of St. Dumas returns!"Announces the statement DC is making to announce the series."Jean-Paul Valley doesn't want to go back to Azrael. All it got was pain, violence and misery. He retired to a monastery in Europe to seek peace. But when a young woman arrives at the convent claiming to be a victim of the same mental conditioning that turned Jean-Paul into Azrael, he has no choice but to once again wear the violent cloak of Azrael to protect her from the deadly protect killers they took away".

Azrael, founded in 1992 by Denny O'Neil and Joe Quesada, is best known for his role in the famous Batman story "Knightfall".. Despite being a relatively new character, Azrael has earned himself a permanent place among the members of the Batfamiglia.

Sword of Azrael #1 it will be released in the United States on August 2 at the same time as the register Sword of Azrael: Dark Knight of Soul #1 which will collect the storyline published in Batman: Urban Legends #8-10. Below we share the main cover of Sword of Azrael #1, along with the numerous cover variants that will accompany the release of the series.

Meanwhile, following the success of the Dark Knight's latest cinematic incarnation, Warner has announced The Batman 2.

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