The latest issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue saw Azrael's debut. The book opens on Batman's pursuit of Catwoman; the Dark Knight's pursuit, however, is interrupted by the intrusion of a mysterious character with a theatrical costume and a flaming sword.

Azrael lashes out at Batman in defense of Selina, and at the end of the fight the latter recognizes something familiar to his opponent. Azrael, in fact, is a knight of the San Dumas order, a sect to which Batman himself belonged some time ago.

Although in that context he developed his physical abilities, he never based his fight against crime on the creed of the sect. Recognizing his former partner, Batman agrees to help Azrael on her mission, even giving him armor very similar to his.

The following is the official synopsis of the fourth issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue # 4

"A new kind of revenge arrives in Gotham City! Azrael's flaming sword burns through the city in search of an artifact stolen from the church of St.Dumas. Will Batman be able to protect his home from Azrael's fury? And who, first, did you go hunting for the resurgent powers of Madelyn's Shawl? "

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