In the crossover comic series between Batman and Fortnite, the Dark Knight was trapped on the island where the Battle Royale of the popular Epic Games video game takes place. Escape from this parallel world seems like an impossible mission, but not for Bat Man, the best detective in the world.

Batman was investigating a strange anomaly in Gotham City and was transported to a strange island, that of Fortnite. For one of the brightest minds in the comic book world it would not have been much of a problem understanding where he was or how to get home, but the Caped Crusader has lost his memory and every 22 minutes, the timing of a game, he is at the starting point . But when he finally begins to feel something, another character is present on the island questions their investigative skills.

Throughout the series, Batman did meets Catwoman and Deathstrokewith the latter unexpectedly becoming his ally. In an argument with the mercenary, Batman suddenly regains all of his memories of each of his cycles on the island. Knowing how the island works is the first step in escaping.

Before the DC Comics superhero trio can come up with a plan, however, they meet the quirky characters from the world of Fortnite. Slowly the protagonists realize that they are all on one side, but the fish man Fishtick sends Batman into crisis with a surreal statement. When the Dark Knight asks him if he can breathe underwater, he answers that clearly He's not the best detective around.

With this funny curtain, however, it is now clear to everyone that Batman is the only one with the skills for. is take them out of the endless loop Fortnite Island. Batman / Fortnite: Point Zero # 4, in which the story takes place, is available on Amazon. Here's the Batman / Fortnite writer's big challenge: Zero Point.

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