The DC Infinite Frontier event continues to engage fans in a variety of ways, including being able to choose the name of a character to accompany their partner. Batman. Let's dwell on that in more detail.

Thanks to the Round Robin event, fans now have the opportunity to do so Select a story to be published among some of the editor's suggestions. This is just one of the examples that show the active participation of readers in the latest DC Comics releases and can have a powerful impact on superhero stories.

One of the latest decisions made by fans is the name of a character that will be featured on the pages of Nightwing. It's the new partner of Batman's student or a puppy rescued by the hero protagonist himself.

Reader engagement took place on Twitter, where writer Tom Taylor asked them to help him give a nickname for the dog who was still missing. Under several names including Shadow, Hope and Blue, the winner was announced in the post at the bottom of the news Haley.

This event is part of the new Author project Intent to bring to the fore a hero he loved but who had to kill multiple times in his stories in the past. And what do you think of the Nightwing series? And from this initiative in which the fans were involved? Let us know in the comments.

For those interested, this is the first meeting between Batman's partner and his soulmate.

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