Batman Beyond: big surprises for the character of Damian Wayne

We've met a new Batman rival, but now we're reporting the latest news from the series Batman Beyond, focused mainly on the character of Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne.

In issue 45 of the comic series by Dan JΓΌrgen we will see and experience a very important change in the life of Ra's al Ghuls grandson Head of the League of Assassins. Here is the official summary from DC Comics: "Batman Beyond and Damian Wayne will be forced to band together to prevent Mr. Zero and his extremist allies from turning Gotham City into an ice desert. Damian needs to put his feelings for Batman Beyond aside and join forces to hope he has a chance to defeat Mr. Zero.".

It therefore appears that the two characters will be forced to band together to prevent the plan Mr. Zero and his followers, who managed to take over the organization founded by Damian Wayne. The new edition of the necklace is already available in paper or digital versions and is available in the online shops of Amazon, ComiXology and in American comics. At the end of the news, we report on our summary of the latest events of the Joker war, an event that shocked Batman's world.

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