Almost a year after the last episode of the second part of the final season, the animation studio MAPPA is back with a new episode that bears the title attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 1, which once again proves to be one of the best in the business, for production quality and increasingly spectacular animations.

The episode lasted an hour and was divided into two large chapters. rumble and sinner, which focuses first on the advance of the colossal giants, led by Eren himself, towards the shores of the Marley nation, and then on the deepening of some of the most violent and severe brackets experienced by the remaining members of the Reconnaissance Army. Arrived in the sky of Fort Saltathe protagonists, now under the command of Armin for the heroic sacrifice of Hangi, immediately plunge into battle, demonstrating the extraordinary level that the artists of MAPPA have achieved.

The @AttackOnFans page traces the best moments of the episode and proposes the clip you'll find below, in which Armin, Reiner, Mikasa and the others take off from the plane piloted by Onyankopon towards the enormous and monstrous form of Eren . Among the gigantic vertebrae and bones, MAPPA has managed to depict some of them Smoother processes with consistently high qualityremarkable especially in the effects of Reiner's transformation, in the first attack of the giant beast and in the maneuvers that the protagonists perform with the appropriate movement devices.

And what do you think? Did the manufacturing quality achieved by MAPPA convince you? Tell us in the comments. Before we say goodbye, we remind ourselves that the third part makes fans discuss a moral issue and we leave you with our review of Attack on Titan Final Season The Final Chapters Special 1.

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