Attack on Titan: Hajime Isayama preparing for a feel-good ending?

We all know that the giants' attack is now over. Very few chapters are missing from a conclusion that Hajime Isayama has confirmed for several years. It remains, of course, to understand how it all will end, which of the factions in the game will win and who is destined to die. And there are many lives involved.

Until now The attack of the giants he certainly did not hold back the ruthlessness. There have been deaths on both sides, some of them cruelly and involving innocent civilians. Some of the possibilities of Attack of the Giants 134 could lead to a happy ending for the series. Beware of spoilers in the new chapter from the next paragraph.

Persevering in his friends' speech in chapter 133, Eren proved once again that he is ready to slaughter everyone. Thousands of people have already been knocked down under the feet of the colossal giants, and more will be knocked down as the Horde moves forward. Mankind now almost tries Salvation through the speech of one of the generals who stayed at Fort Salta and that with the attack of the airships a rebirth of mankind without hatred and resentment is hoped.

The attack is unsuccessful, but there is one last chance represented by Armin, Mikasa, and the others who are now preparing to take on Eren in the final battle of The Attack of the Giants. When you consider how much Armin wants to make his friend thinkand that the ends in the Shonen always tend towards reconciliation and an underlying goodness, we could also see the stop of the march of the giants at the behest of Eren and then the beginning of a new era of peace for the world.

What do you think about the ending Will Eren ever die or win?

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