Episode 5 of Attack of the Giants 4 ends with a big cliffhanger and Episode 6, which aired a few days ago in Japan and is now available on VVVVID and Prime Video. shows that not everything is what it seemsalthough it seems a little difficult to understand at first glance.

In the final minutes of Episode 5, Eren Jaeger, who infiltrated Marley, pays Reiner with the same coin, claiming he wants to "move on" and Transformed into a giant in the city of Liberius. In the past few days, Eren Falco, a possible successor to the armored giant, had been used to send letters to the Scout Army and organize a mass attack to take revenge on the Marleyan abuses (and especially to gain power from the other giants ).

Episode 5 ends with the death of Willy Tybur, who was devoured by Eren immediately after the declaration of war. But episode 6 gives us a new perspective on the event. In the first few minutes of the last episode, we see Willy Tybur as he greets his family for the last time. knowing that he would be killed on stage that same evening.

During the carriage ride Willy speaks to General Magath and explains his plan in detail: Knowing that the Scout Army has infiltrated Marley, the idea is to become a bait for Eren Jaeger, who causes an attack in central Liberio. Willy suggests that all of the Marleyan officers Magath wants to get rid of should be seated in the audience with his superior, the noble commander Calvi, and await the attack of the devils of Paradise.

As soon as Eren provoked Tybur is already certain of his own death and the massacre of those present, but he is also certain that what happened will shock the world and that everyone will be convinced of the danger posed by the Eldians. During the carriage ride, however, Magath says that he is not very convinced stressed that this strategy, despite everything, would result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, an inhuman sacrifice even for him. Tybur replies that it is too late to reflect and that he believes it is necessary, even though he knows that this plan will cause his death.

The first reason Tybur is willing to sacrifice himself is for this Show the world the brutality of Paradiseand to make this possible The descendant of Helos must lose his life along with the ambassadors of other countries so that it does not appear like a pre-organized attack. The second reason is that Tybur knows that unlike many other officers Magath agrees that Marley relies too much on the power of the giants. Eren's attack then becomes an opportunity to get rid of the clumsy officers, allowing Magath a promotion and building an army closer to his own philosophy of thought. The evening of the massacre Magath fires the first shot at Erenand urges his generals to remember his gesture. In the future, this symbolic action could speak for their promotion.

All of this also explains why Willy Tybur was trembling the entire time during the fourth episode, and the meaning of the metaphor of the metaphor "rats devouring Marley," a clear reference to the Eldian infiltrators. So Tybur didn't really lose the war, but has simply become the causative factor of it and has sacrificed himself to unite the whole world and counteract the real threat: the devils of paradise.

Is everything clear now? Let us know with a comment! In case you haven't already, we recommend checking out our review of Episode 6 of The Giants' Attack 4.

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