Meanwhile, The Attack of the Giants story has come to an end, with a definitely divisive ending that has split the fandom in two. The work lasted 11 years and 7 months, after all, certainly not everyone could be satisfied, considering their way and the way they told the story. Hajime Isayama can, however Make changes to Volume 34 due out in June.

Indeed, we know that in Volume 34 Hajime Isayama can add additional pages of different types. We don't yet know what they will be and where they will be placed as the editor Kawakubo has not delved into the question too much, but for Mangaka it is normal to add some bonuses in the different volumes.

So after the cover of The Attack of the Giants 34 was released, all fans are in an uproar, but there are some who hope that the additional pages won't focus on Eren Jaeger. Or rather, that they finally give the character peace. The The protagonist was actually the author of genocide and he was the last enemy in history for a long time, forced to face his friends and almost kill them.

RIN fan asked Isayama on Twitter Leave the protagonist alone, over a thousand likes and various re-shares. According to him, the pages should therefore not focus on the protagonist, but on the future of the other characters. Do you agree? What would you suggest to the mangaka for the additional pages of the latest volume of The Attack of the Giants?

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