The attack of the giants 4 is about to dive into the new sociopolitical scene presented by the Marley nation and its leaders. The last episode focused on the character of Reiner Braun, owner of the armored giant and old fellow of the research corps.

In an episode to the rhythm of nostalgia, Studio MAPPA presented the psychological trauma of Reiner, a man now aggravated by the weight of shameful acts and a tormented past. Either way, with the introduction of new characters and new twists, the scene will continue to ride the political vibe that was anticipated in previous episodes. Some pictures of the next episode can still be found at the bottom of the news thanks to the first leaks from Anime Hub.

We take this opportunity to also remind you that the third episode in particular cut several scenes from the manga some important elements for Reiner's characterization as moments from his past and fascinating dialogues. However, you can better understand the changes Map made in our dedicated messages. As if that weren't enough, we're nearing full production and in a couple of weeks we'll be witnessing the much-rumored troubles the studio is facing.

And you, instead, what do you expect from episode 4 entitled "From one hand to the other", deliberately inspired by chapter 97 of the masterpiece of Hajime Isayama? Tell us yours as usual with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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