After waiting times, trailers, MAPPA studio statements and rumors that also made the fans tremble a little, Attack of the Giants 4 has finally arrived on Japanese TVs and streaming services around the world. The last season has been on the air for three weeks.

While we were in Italy we saw The Attack of the Giants 4x01 on Amazon Prime Video and VVVVID synced on the same platforms The broadcast with Italian subtitles also continues. The last time we saw Liberius and the feelings of Reiner Braun, one of the long-time characters in history, survived many events through skill or luck. We also got to know the new people like Falco and Gabi, but also Colt, Udo and Zofia better.

Today, Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020, a new episode arrives on our local platforms. The attack of the giants 4x03 is actually online and is titled "The Door of Hope".. Once again, Reiner is the protagonist of the story, taking us into his memories and exploring all the things that happened during the attack of the giants, but from a different angle.

Episode 4 of Attack of the Giants 4 will air on April 10, 2019 VVVVID is Amazon Prime Video on December 29, 2020.

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