It's now a little over two weeks until the fourth season of theAttack of the giants During this time, the MAPPA animation studio, which took over the project previously entrusted to Wit Studio, revealed important details about the return of the tragic story of Eren Jaeger and his companions, including new designs.

The final season continues from the shocking events leading up to War between Paradis and the Nation of Marleyand as expected for the amount of customizable material, it is divided into several parts, the first of which will consist of 16 sequences. It will be dark, dramatic, and possibly the most violent episodes in all of Hajime Isayama's history.

To cut the wait short, user @srlope on Reddit shared the picture you can find on the news below, where Eren, Mikasa, Captain Levi and Commander Hanji appear in theirs new uniforms of the research corps. A design that we will surely see during the opening bar of the attack on the Marley nation, which will have particular consequences for the fate of the people of Paradis.

Recall that the manga is currently 98% complete stated by Isayama himselfand we leave you to the touching words of Eren's voice actor.

NEW MAP DRAWINGS! Illustrations from the chapters of the "Volunteers" by r / ShingekiNoKyojin

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