On the official Twitter account of the. developed smartphone game Hypergryp, Arknights, it was announced that this project will include an anime adaptation. The series is currently in development under production by the studios Yostar pictures. The first season of the anime is titled Dawn prelude.

The premiere date and further details on the series will be announced shortly.

The game was published by Chinese developers Studio assembly and Hypergryp in May 2019. Then the distributor Yostar was commissioned to release it worldwide in January 2020. Arknights already inspired an animated short film with the title Holy light of the knight last December on the occasion of the project's first global anniversary.

The developer and distributor Yostar founded his animation studio Yostar pictures in 2020 with Hengda Li as representative and managing director. arc, a Tokyo-based company that was involved in the production of the feature film Promare, was instrumental in founding this studio.

Synopsis of Arknights

The game is set in the dystopian and post-apocalyptic future scenario of the planet Terra, in which people have kemonomimi properties - characteristics of mythological animals or races. The natural disasters that hit the world have contributed to the production of a valuable mineral, originium, which enables the use of the "arts" (magic) and which often infects people with a progressive disease called the Oripathy virus.

Due to the 100% death rate of the disease and its high infectivity at the time of death, hostility towards those infected spread, resulting in their mass quarantine and expulsion by governments around the world, creating tension between the infected and the uninfected.

The player takes on the role of the “doctor” who leads a team of “operators” from the island of Rhodes, a pharmaceutical, medical and self-defense organization. As the Oripathy virus spreads, the team must find a cure while fending off threats like the Reunion Movement, an infected anarchist military power eager to overthrow the governments of Terra in order to hunt down the victims to avenge the Oripathy virus.

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