The streaming giant Netflix dropped a teaser for the much-awaited season two of "Arcane." Fans are buzzing with the news that the release aligns with the original season's debut and "League of Legends" fifteenth anniversary in November 2024.

Season one of "Arcane" bagged widespread acclaim for its stellar animation and storytelling. It snagged the hearts of both "League of Legends" newbies and die-hard fans, hailed as one of the top video game adaptations by critics.

Following the finale of season one, the announcement of its sequel came as a delightful surprise to fans. Riot Games' CEO, Nicolo Laurent, shared in an interview snippet the team's astonishment at the show's smashing success.

'Arcane' Synopsis

In the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun, "Arcane" unfolds, set in the expansive world of Runeterra. Piltover shines as a beacon of wealth and scholarly pursuits, while Zaun lurks in its shadow, rife with crime and poverty. The invention of Hextech in Piltover, which allows magical energy control, and a terrifying new drug in Zaun, set the stage for a tale of divided loyalties and transformed humans.

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