In recent times, Australia has raised its hard fist against anime, gaining direct access to various streaming channels. In addition, the animation industry was recently hit by another scandal after a YouTuber was arrested for importing child pornography.

Everything against it Shane Andrew Lunnay, a streamer who caught the storm's eye after being accused of having sex with a live-stream explosive device, although there is currently no evidence of this. The YouTuber has currently been sentenced to one year in prison, also on charges of possession and control of child pornography material with direct importation of prohibited goods.

The judge Geraldine Davison took advantage of some evidence in the defendant's home, namely illustrations and videos of girls under 14 Attack souls hard and the hentai category: "Isn't it time to consider anime and hentai harmful to our society? "

The judge pointed out that Lunnay in a "Kind of fantasy world"Because of numerous posters in his anime girl's room. As if that wasn't enough, not even his defense attorney seems to have really taken over his defense by announcing it."Lunnay lives in an imaginative, unhealthy, deviant, and illegal world", and then suggest a few therapy sessions.

A particularly serious situation that continues to fuel the fire regarding the spread of Japanese animation in Australia. In this regard, we would like to remind you that the Commonwealth has even banned Sword Art Online and No Game no Life.

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