After Dark Nights: Death Metal and Future State the next big event Dc comics will be Infinite Frontier, which will further expand the publisher's multiverse. Scott Snyder and Joshua Williamson are at the forefront of this new six-issue series due out in June.

Infinite Frontier # 0 was released today and is a prologue to it new complex narrative line. Here is the summary: "Alan Scott, Green Lantern of the Justice Society of America, has determined that some of his allies are still missing and is determined to find them. However, there are others who would prefer to stay hidden, like Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, a man who should be dead but who really isn't.".

From what Williamson said, Infinite Frontier pretends to be the beginning of a new era from DC Comics, a time when anything is possible. The DC Universe is being taken in bold, fun, and exciting new directions. If Dark Nights: Death Metal portrays the darkest threats in the multiverse and Future State reveals what could happen in the future, this new event will explore the infinite limits of the current DC Universe.

Not only that, DC Comics is going back in time with the announcements of Batman '89 and Superman '78. In DC Future State, Shazam appears to have become a brutal murderer.

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