Act Age: Author “arrested again” for sexual harassment

Even after Act Age was removed from Weekly Shonen Jump's website, the issue regarding the allegations against Tatsuya Matsuki, the work's writer, was not trained. Indeed, every day new and troubling details emerge on the matter that fuel the allegations against him.

It has been three weeks since the Act Age writer was arrested after the sensei was caught red-handed for molesting minors. Over the days, many details surfaced on the matter, from old tweets to the words of the manga designer who prompted victims of such phenomena to report the incident to the police.

Since then, there have actually been several phone calls to the local police station about alleged indecent acts by Matsuki. The last one, fresh from August 26th, prompted the police to do so "upgrade" the author again after a middle school student said she was molested. In reality, the mangaka has never been released, but the new allegations against him have increased the penalties the author will face for having repeatedly stated that he was guilty of the crimes attributed to him.

In fact, several days ago a statement to the press leaked several crimes committed by Tatsuya Matsuki, the same attachment at the bottom of the news. What do you think of the matter? Let us know with a comment below.

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