Anticipation escalates as the Spring-2024 anime lineup unfurls, revealing the enchanting world of "Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included." A fresh promotional video has surfaced, offering a glimpse into the whimsical narrative set to captivate audiences in Japan during the vibrant months of April through June.

From the Creative Mind of Matoba

Esteemed creator Matoba continues to weave magic, having launched this charming tale in Monthly Shonen Gangan under the auspices of Square Enix since September 2020. Fans of Matoba's work, notably the delightful “As Miss Beelzebub Likes,” which transitioned to the screen in Fall-2018, will find familiar warmth in this latest venture.

Meet the Voices

  • Shuuichirou Umeda breathes life into Tarou Tokumitsu.
  • Hikaru Tohno captures the essence of Towa.
  • Hana Tamegai embodies Tsumugi Tsutsumi.
  • Saori Oonishi portrays Noeru Izumi.
  • Yui Ogura enchants as Lilishka.
  • Kanon Takao voices Hisui Tsurumi.

Behind the Scenes

  • Kenta Oonishi takes the helm, directing with a visionary's eye.
  • Shougo Yasukawa weaves the narrative threads, overseeing the script.
  • Yuuya Uetake brings characters to life with vibrant designs.
  • Shunsuke Takizawa sets the tone, crafting the auditory experience.

A Glimpse into the Story

Shintarou Tokumitsu, a solitary high schooler, finds his life upended by the arrival of Towa, a girl with an ethereal charm and a hint of the divine. As they share a living space, a series of endearing escapades unfolds, promising laughter, heart, and a touch of the celestial.

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included

Once the story takes flight, viewers are encouraged to share their excitement and anticipation with friends, fostering a community of anime lovers eager for the storytelling artistry that awaits.

Source: Official Anime Site

©matoba/SQUARE ENIX・"Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included" Production Committee - 天使つき製作委員会

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