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The Japanese portal Anime! Anime! shared a fragment of an interview with the voice actress Ikumi Hasegawaabout his current participation in the animated adaptation of the light novels 86: Eighty-sixwho have favourited the main character Vladilena Militia.

86: Eighty-six
  • What was your first impression of 86: eighty-six?
  • Until I started reading the original story, I thought it was a story of exciting fights between mecha. But when I finally read the novels, I was amazed at how dense it is and how incredible the human side of battles is told.
  • What was your impression of Lena at the time?
  • During the audition, I had the impression that I would be cast as Theoto or Anju by the Spearhead Squadron. He hadn't read the novels and thought he wanted to play Lena because he had the impression that she was too rigid and a little childish. When Lena was assigned to me and I started reading the story, I thought it was pretty cool that she received the emotional shocks of the fight one by one. In addition to the lines in which she commands the Spearhead Squadron as an elite soldier, the lines I introduced at the audition included if she had some cupcakes, so the range of emotions was quite wide.
  • What do you think about when you play Lena?
  • Lena considers herself the purest girl in her world. He has an ideal and always pursues it, so I always try to prove his innocence. Because she is able to order it Spearhead SquadronI have a flat comandy tone too, but since she's the honest guy who always gives her opinion, I never let my feelings seal no matter what the scene..
  • What instructions did the director give you for your performance?
  • For the everyday scenes, they said to me, "It's okay to be a little cute." In a few other scenes I was told, "Try to be more rigid."
  • In the third episode, Kaie Tanya was killed in combat by the Spearhead Squadron. How were your emotions and how did you convey them through the character?
  • The Spearhead Squadron member's death scene was very difficult. Despite the sadness of his death, the members of the Spearhead Squadron and Lena do not know each other face to face, only by their voices. So you don't really think she's sad about death. Partly because of that, I played the scene with a slight sense of sadness, but it was too difficult to get the level right.
  • Are you having trouble interpreting relationships between characters who have never been seen before?
  • I don't have to think about a sense of distance so I thought it was going to act in a normal voice but when we did the recordings I was completely alone while the others were in a different booth so I felt closer to the emotions . Lena is real. I am very grateful that they provided us with this type of environment.
  • What do you find attractive about Lena?
  • First of all, the strength of his being. All previous commanders of the Spearhead Squadron He was emotionally hurt not to return, but Lena wasn't like her. She is desperate to move on, despite her squad loathing her and the rest of the military ridiculing her for treating the eighty-six as human. I believe the power to move forward in these conditions is the greatest draw.
  • What was the most outstanding experience after the recordings?
  • The number of people that can be in the recording studio is limited. So if you don't see someone, you really are not there. While we do, it's really sad that the cubicles feel lonely every time a character dies.
  • What do you recommend fans to look forward to in the future?
  • In the future there will be some scenes in which Lena has a more feminine attitude towards Shin. I think it will be something that will be very worth seeing so please look forward to it.

Synopsis for 86: Eighty-six

The Republic of the Holy Magnolia. This country has long been besieged by its neighbor, the Giadian Empire, which created a series of unmanned drones called the Legion. After years of careful research, the republic eventually developed its own autonomous drones and turned the one-sided fight into a casual war - or at least so the government claims.

In truth there is no such thing as a bloodless war. Behind the walls protecting the republic's eighty-five territories is the "nonexistent" "eighty-six sector". The young men and women of this deserted land are branded "The Eighty-Six" and, deprived of their humanity, lead the "unmanned" weapons into battle ... Shinn directs a detachment of eighty-six youths on the battlefield. Lena is a "manipulator" who, with the help of a special communication, commands the detachment from the far rear. The farewell story of the difficult and sad struggle between these two begins!

Fountain: Anime! Anime!

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