Tomorrow the highly anticipated seventh episode of The attack of the giants 4 this will continue the fight Eren unleashed in the last episode. While the fighting rages, Studio MAPPA is ready to show viewers the design of the "new" Colossal Giant. Here is the most dangerous aspect of Titan.

While the studio released Armin and Hanje's character design in the morning, fans continue to comment on Episode 7, which was released in Japan yesterday. From the community's reactions, the episode appears to have excellent animation, largely thanks to the staff who participated in the episode, including the director of Vinland Saga.

MAP study He wanted to get big for the epic battle indeed, and it seems so Not all Giants were made in CGI. Before we can admire the episode tomorrow, when it is officially released on VVVVID in the morning, we should take the opportunity to take a look at one of the great performances of the saga or the one Debut of Armin's Colossal Giant on the small screen. At the end of the news, you can take a look at the enormous unity compared to that of Bertholdt, from which Armin "stole" power last season.

The picture also shows that the colossal was made in 2D or using traditional techniques rather than computer graphics. However, we are waiting for the episode's official release tomorrow to recap the continuation of the conflict between Marley and the research body. As for you, what do you think of Armin's colossal giant instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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